Red Hills Region SCCA
2024 Results.
February 11 FINAL PRO FINAL PAX[Updated 11FEB2024 20:50]
2023 Results.

Season Points Standings

February 5 FINAL PRO FINAL PAX RAW [Updated 30JAN2022 18:20]
April 16 FINAL PRO FINAL PAX RAW [Updated 16APR2023 14:28]
May 21 FINAL PRO FINAL PAX RAW [Updated 16APR2023 14:28]
June 18 FINAL PRO FINAL PAX RAW [Updated 18JUN2023 22:12]
July 16 FINAL PRO FINAL PAX RAW [Updated 16JUL2023 21:29]
August 20 FINAL PRO FINAL PAX RAW [Updated 20AUG2023 19:32]
October 1 FINAL PRO FINAL PAX RAW [Updated 02OCT2023 09:16]
December 9 FINAL PRO FINAL PAX RAW [Updated 12DEC2023 19:33]
2022 Results.
January 30 FINAL PRO FINAL PAX RAW [Updated 30JAN2022 18:20]
April 24 FINAL PRO FINAL PAX RAW [Updated 24apr2022 21:14]
May 15 FINAL PRO FINAL PAX RAW [Updated 15MAY2022 19:32]
June 05 FINAL PRO FINAL PAX RAW [Updated 11JUN2022 10:18]
July 10 FINAL PRO FINAL PAX RAW [Updated 10JUN2022 14:45]
August 21 FINAL PRO FINAL PAX RAW [Updated 21AUG2022 20:57]
October 2 FINAL PRO FINAL PAX RAW [Updated 03OCT2022 08:02]
November 6 FINAL PAX RAW [Updated 06NOV2022 20:13]

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Reviewing event result timesThe PAX (Professional Auto-X) Index has been used by SCCA and other clubs for years. It is a handicapping system that attempts to account for performance differences between car classes, allowing the drivers' performances to be compared. A PAX factor is assigned to each class; the faster the class, the higher the factor. The fastest cars have a PAX factor of 1.000; other PAX factors are a percentage based on performance potential relative to the fastest cars. Each driver's actual time around the course is multiplied by their car's PAX factor to calculate their PAX time. This PAX time is also called their indexed time or factored time. PAX times can then be compared across classes.

The RTP (Racers Theoretical Performance) index is a separate set of indexes, calculated from different events, but basically similar.

In 2002 both of these indexes were combined when a revised index was created called PAX/RTP. The PAX/RTP Index was developed and is maintained by Rick Ruth of Missouri and reflects study of results from over 200 nationwide Solo events including, the Tire Rack® Solo National Championships, National Tour, Atlanta Region, Chicago Region, California Sports Car Club, Central Florida Region, Great American Solo Series, Hawaii Region, Houston Region, Midwest Divisional Series, Milwaukee Region, New England Region, Northwest Region, Northern New Jersey Region, Oregon Region, Philadelphia Region, San Francisco Region, San Diego Region, South Jersey Region, St. Louis Region, Tri-State Sports Car Council, Texas Region, Washington DC Region, Wisconsin Autocrossers Inc., and many others.

Information about the 2018 PAX/RTP is posted and maintained at Solo Performance Specialties RTP-PAX Page.



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